19 Qualities of Transformational Companies

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the regeneration of corporate social responsibility
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The “Qualities of a Transformational Company” are being developed to act as a guide for medium and large companies who recognize the need to scale up their CSR and sustainability efforts in order to address systemic societal risks, challenges and opportunities. These qualities are designed to be aspirational and inspirational – to act as a roadmap.


Global sustainability mega-trends are changing the context in which businesses can succeed and thrive.


In light of these tectonic shifts, companies are compelled to rethink their business models to ensure they continue to create shareholder and societal value over the long term.


This is driving a fresh look at the qualities companies must embrace to foster commercial and societal success – the “transformational qualities”.


Transformational companies commit to act beyond their own operations, and the foreseeable future, to become world-class sustainability leaders in their region and sector. They actively seek to internalize societal externalities.